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World Famous Murals


World Famous Murals

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These unique wall murals are located throughout the city which are symbolic of the different
communities depictions of life through ’The Troubles‘: Three local artists Tom Kelly, William Kelly and
Kevin Hasson (known as the Bogside Artists) have created to critical acclaim throughout the world
The People’s Gallery in the Bogside area of Derry. It is a series of large-scale murals depicting the key
events in Northern Ireland since ‘The Troubles’. The famous wall-paintings are located on Rossville
St and they present a window into the politics, people and history of Northern Ireland. The majority of
the Bogside Murals reflect events that occurred in the Bogside in the past and one mural – The Peace
Mural looks to the future with the idealist image of a dove. The Fountain Estate close to the City Walls
is home to one of the oldest King Billy murals with many murals linked to the famous Siege of Derry in
1689. The Bond St area also offers an extensive range of wall murals which are popular with visitors. If
you are interested in seeing more murals you will find many others throughout community areas in
the city.


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